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Dirty Teen Wolf Imagines
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This blog is devoted to unleashing all of your naughty fantasies surrounding Teen Wolf. Submit your imagines in the ask box or the submit box, more info in the submit box. One-shots are always welcome. Check the search links for an easier way to navigate the blog.

Vampire Diaries Imagines Blog


Original Imagine: Imagine wearing Jordan’s clothes to bed.

Author: merlincmgirl

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1024

Warnings: None but it’s fluffy!!!

         Feeling the cold air against your bare shoulders and legs, you shivered against the chill. Jordan was working late tonight and you always hated how the bed always seemed colder and harsher when he wasn’t in it beside you. Pulling back the covers, you got the bed ready to the long weekend hopefully spent in bed with Jordan.

Spotting the t-shirt that Jordan wore the night before, you slip it over your head. The fabrics warm and soft against you. You always loved wearing Jordan’s clothes, they made you feel so small and safe. The bottom skimmed the mid of your thigh as you took a deep breath of his smell that clung to the material. It was a kind of warm smell, earthy and intoxicating to you. Rubbing your nose against the neck, you smiled softly, thinking about the Deputy that was stuck at the station. You’d see him in the morning though, you reminded yourself as you climbed into bed.

It was a loud crash that finally woke you up, normally just the sun filtering in through the blinds were enough to wake you. Quickly sitting up and looking around groggily, you noticed that Jordan was back. And he was picking up the piles of shoes that he had knocked over from the shoe rack by the side of the wardrobe. Unfortunately they were more your shoes than his. In the space of 6 months since you moved in with him, you had effectively taken over his bedroom. Not that he minded.

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Original Imagine: Imagine being the deputy’s wife and he forgets your one year anniversary and you wake up to him eating you out. 

Author: goldfyshie927

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  3566

Warnings: Rough-ish sex, some biting, a little bit of language.

Anonymous asked: i have a quick question for you. so for your oneshots, is it okay if it is slightly alternative universe? i want to write on based on the isaac imagine ' imagine being isaacs personal assistant" and i want to make it where he is not a were wolf and slightly AU. is that okay or do you not accept Au's?

Yeah, absolutely! You can write whatever imagine any way you want to write it. Its your creation <3 ~ Sam

Anonymous asked: If I submitted a one shot, how long until it's posted? Thanks and keep up the awesome work! :)

It should come out pretty quickly, so i’d say a couple days at the most. If it hasn’t come out in a while it could have just not come through properly, so feel free to submit it again <3 ~ Sam

captain-swan-lake asked: this is like my favorite blog in the world god bless you beautiful people for satisfying my unknown need

Anonymous asked: Can I make a blog like this and vd, but of from dusk til dawn

Omg yeah, of course you can. I don’t own the imagines idea, and honestly the more imagines blogs the better in my opinion ;) <3 ~ Sam

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you think I would be able to send in a peter hale smut, that I thought of? Or no?

Yeah! Absolutely you can! We’d love it <3 ~ Sam