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Dirty Teen Wolf Imagines
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This blog is devoted to unleashing all of your naughty fantasies surrounding Teen Wolf. Submit your imagines in the ask box or the submit box, more info in the submit box. One-shots are always welcome. Check the search links for an easier way to navigate the blog.

Vampire Diaries Imagines Blog


Original Imagine:Imagine Parrish offering to let you stay the night at his house after something happens with the pack and you don’t want to go home.

Author: damnbrosee

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  534

Warnings: nothing.

“(y/n) “Sherriff Stilinski said in a question tone

You looked at him “Yes?” you asked back. “Are you going to be ok by yourself?” He asked

You nodded at him and stood up from the bench you were sitting at and followed him into the front office were Deputy Parrish was waiting. “Parrish is going to take you home since his shift is over, Are you ok with that?” He asked.

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freakshowyvette asked: hi! i love this blog and i wanted to ask something. does a oneshot have to be based off of a pre-existing imagine on the blog, or can it be original?

Hi! We’d love to have a oneshot based on the imagines here, but you can also make something up yourself. Usually we’ll make the imagine before publishing the oneshot. <3 Lein

Original Imagine: Imagine being sick and Derek takes care of you

Author: anon

Reader Gender: Either

Word Count:  -

Warnings: Fluff. Enjoy lovelies

I woke up feeling like I’d just been hit by a bus. I let out a groan and rolled onto my side. I glanced at the clock; 3:41 am. I reached for my phone and scrolled through my contacts until I found Derek. I hit the call button and waited. 

“Y/N it’s not even 4 in the morning. Is everything alright?” Derek asked, his voice was laced with sleepiness. 
“I think I’m dying.” I croak out. 
“You sure sound like it.” Derek responds full of concern, “I’ll be over as soon as I can. Is the door unlocked or should I bring a key?”
“Bring a key just incase.” I mumble. 
“Okay baby.” 
I let out a yawn and mumble, “see you.” Before falling back asleep. 

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Original Imagine: Imagine Brett kisses you after he scores the final point in a lacrosse game 

Author: allesandert

Warnings: fluff, just cute sweaty Brett everywhere 

Word Count: 854 

Anonymous asked: Can I ask why no Liam oneshots?

Liam oneshots are fine as long as they are not sexual. Nice, fluffy oneshots are welcome. We made this decision because the actor isn’t 18 yet and therefore not only his character but also the actor is still a minor. <3 Lein